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Services provided by Intopex Forward

Services provided by Intopex Forward

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Railway transport

In many countries, railway transport occupies the leading position among the means of transport due to its universal nature; it can be used in all economic sectors practically in all climatic zones and any time of the year; it is reliable and has low accident rates.
Railway transport operates at high speeds and is environment-friendly due to low emissions, and its principal value is its carrying capacity.

Varied rolling stock allows transporting cargo of different dimensions over any distances and applying any loading methods.

The most advantageous way of carrying large amounts of cargo, independent of the territory on which such transport is performed, is by railway. In many cases cargo that is considered oversized for trucking is overall cargo for railway transport, and this allows to considerably reduce the costs of oversized cargo transport.

Advantages of railway transport:

  • Relatively low costs;
  • Minimal risks of loss of or damage to cargo;
  • High load-carrying capacity;
  • Delivery of cargo independent of weather conditions;
  • Wide range of types of cars for cargo transport; a car is selected based on the type of cargo transported as well as on the time and conditions of transport;
  • Transport of heavy and oversized cargo;
  • Timely delivery of cargo to the destination as railway operates according to a pre-determined timetable, therefore delays in the arrival of trains are minimised.
  • When transporting perishable goods by railway, it is possible to calculate the running time. Perishable goods can be transported by railway in special refrigerated rolling stock, such as thermos cars, refrigerator cars, milk, wine etc. rail cars, and refrigerator containers.